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What action do we take when we see a talent in others?

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

I spoke to 100+ not so successful/unhappy or average (in their own terms) individuals and parents , I got some common responses like "Nobody told us what to do about my skills or hobby" or "no body told taught us how to manage finance or plan my career" or "We never know mentors exist" " we never asked for help" or " I dint read a book or take a course/upskill after my academic education"

I think Life Skills and life best practices/awareness should be made available at early age and every human being should know what to do when they hit a dead end or at least know whom to ask for help . Life Changing Education can make a better change in the society . free education or access to life changing information/best practices is very important .  

Here is my solution - sandeepmk.com A not-for-profit initiative

We are focusing on nurturing talents + introducing unrecognized and hidden talents to world + solve life impacting challenges for individuals .

We are here to help people who says "I am poor" or "I am unlucky" or for those who says "Nobody told us what to do about my skills or hobby" or "nobody taught us how to manage finance" 

My ask to the world - Do you know a curious kid or any individual still sitting at their home with their talent and lost hopes of becoming a well known talent in the industry? feel free to nominate/share the contact details at sandeepmk.com of kids/individuals who got some talent and those still not recognized.

Feel free to connect with us and discuss more if you wish to be part of this initiative.